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Answers To The Question: What Are The Advantages Of Phenomenology

Phenomenology – In this article we will learn what is Phenomenology and its innate advantages.

The purpose of phenomenology is to clarify and make sense of how people interpreted and understood certain phenomena. Humans by nature, have different individual traits.

Phenomenology - What Are Its Advantages? (Answers)
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Because of this, Humans would also have different perspectives when it comes to certain events. With phenomenological research, we could gather empirical data through qualitative methods.

The methods used could be interviews and discussions, with data presented from the subjects’ perspective. Through an inductive approach, data could be gathered without being taken as assumptions and contributes to research relating to experiences.

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In Phenomenological research, there would always be value to be discovered in focusing on peoples perception of an event. This could allow a broader view on certain phenomena.

Phenomenology is focused around the subjects’ experiences. Social or cultural norms, traditions or preconceived ideas about the experience do not factor into the research.

Data collected is qualitative and analysis comprises an attempt to identify themes or generalize how events are perceived. Researchers of this study are concerned with the life experiences of humans.

Phenomenology - What Are Its Advantages? (Answers)
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According to a paper from UK Essays, phenomenology is used in various fields of study. Psychology and medicine are some of the examples.

Phenomenology can be applied to topics such as:

  • What is it like to experience being trapped in a natural disaster, such as a flood or hurricane?
  • How do cancer patients cope with a terminal diagnosis?
  • What is it like to be a minority in a predominantly white community?
  • How do cancer patients cope with a terminal diagnosis?

Phenomenology has been used since the 20th century. This was based on the philosophical movement by philosopher Edmund Husserl.

This type of research is based on the disciplines of philosophy and psychology. Since its conception, phenomenology has been widely accepted as a method for explaining human experiences.

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