VIRAL VIDEO – Rabbit Rescues Helpless Trapped Cat

VIRAL VIDEO – Trapped Cat Gets Rescued By Rabbit

VIRAL VIDEO – A cute little bunny rabbit rescued its cat friend who got himself trapped on the other side of an enclosure.

As seen on the viral video, the cat is seemingly crying out for help. As the rabbit heard its cry, its instincts kicked in and he quickly assessed the situation.

VIRAL VIDEO - Rabbit Rescues Helpless Trapped Cat

The rabbit approached the source of the cat’s cries for help. At that moment he knew that he had to do something to help out its friend.

After he got to where the cat was he quickly started digging the dirt under the fence so that its friend could escape. You could even see the cat’s paws trying to reach out as the rabbit continued digging.

You could really see the struggles that the cat was in as it tried to reach outside. Luckily, the rabbit made quick work of the rescue effort.

Eventually, the rabbit made a hole big enough for the cat to escape. It even made sure to clear the dirt for the cat to escape without any hassles.

The video shared by People Magazine had already garnered over 20M views. Adding to this, it was shared 22 thousand times.

Netizens on Facebook flocked to the video to give their reactions. With over 4.6 thousand comments, there were a lot of things people had to say about the video.

Here are some of their hilarious comments:

The Rabbit, like always, should have first called 911. Then he continued with the rescue. However, everything turned out to be fine, I’m glad.
– Dennis Lattinville 

That’s great but what kind of person stands around and films it and not help!
– Julita Nix 

I think they were playing! But so adorable! The rabbit just thought he was trapped! I have two rabbits and they are the best pets ever! I never knew they were so sweet and funny!
– Linda Perkins

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