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What Are Abiotic And Biotic Factors? Definition And More

BIOTIC FACTORS – In this topic we will now know the definiton of abiotic and biotic factors and more things and stuff you need to know.

Image from: Britannica

Both of these together, according to Sciencing, make up an ecosystem. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

Biotic Factors

Also known as living factors, these are basically all the living organisms in the ecosystem. Thus, these includes organisms from microscopic ones to we humans. Hence, we are also an example of living factors.

These brings impact to both the environment and themselves. The need to compete for needs such as food, water and shelter depends on the presence or absence of one or more species.


  • Produces | Autotrophs
    • these convert energy and make food out of them
  • Consumers | Heterotrophs
    • These depend on the food made by the producers.
  • Decomposers | Detritivores
    • These break down chemicals from both producers and consumers.

Abiotic Factors

Also known as non-living dactors, these refers to the climactic and edaphic factors that affects the ecosystem. Thus, examples of it are weather, air temperature, wind, rain, soil, moisture level, aeration, and more.

These give impact to the place where plants and animals reside. Weather patterns and conditions determine situations on which species are able to live.

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