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Answers To The Question: How Does Our Brain Manage Pain?

BRAIN – The human brain is capable of so many things, it is what drives our bodies to our daily tasks, and is also responsible for the processing of our senses.

Processing pain is an important tool for the survival of almost any species. However, how much something hurts can be amplified or suppressed.

Brain - How Does Our Brain Turn Pain Up Or Down? (Answers)
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One of the most common examples is when you scratch your leg when you tripped as a kid. From the moment you fell down, you probably got back up and felt fine, but the moment you saw your knee bleeding, the pain starts to kick in.

Brain - How Does Our Brain Turn Pain Up Or Down? (Answers)
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This is because of the way our brains process the signals sent by our senses. There have been studies on how the brain upgrades or downgrades these signals.

According to research, the part of the brain that handles such processing is the central amygdala. This part of the brain actually plays a dual role.

Brain - How Does Our Brain Turn Pain Up Or Down? (Answers)
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Based on an article from Inquirer, the central amygdala is not entirely responsible for pain itself. If this part of the brain gets removed, there would still be pain felt, said researcher Yarimar Carrasquillo.

She said that this part of the brain seems to be waiting for something to happen. It lies idle until such a time that it receives stimulus from our senses.

For example, responding to anxiety and stress amplifies pain. But on the contrary, focusing on a task that diverts your attention lessens the pain.

Experiencing pain is essential for survival as it indicates that there is a reason to seek help. Having a heart attack or experiencing a stabbing sensation in your appendix are some examples.

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