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What Are The Types Of Triangles? Types And Meaning

TYPES OF TRIANGLES – In this topic, we will now know the different types of triangles in regards to its sides or angles.

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A triangle is a type of polygon with three sides. Its properties are that the sum of all interior angles will sum up to 180 degrees and its exterior up to 360 degrees.


Triangles can be classified into two: Types in Angles and Types in Sides. Here are the following according to Toppr:

  • In regards to Sides
    • Equilateral Triangle
      • known as the most perfect triangle due to its equal measure of side and angles. Each angle has the same measure of 60 degrees.
    • Isoceles Triangle
      • This type consists of one shorter side and two sides of the equal length. It can also has two equal measure of angles.
    • Scalene Triangle
      • This type of triangle has no equal sides. It means that each side has a different measure of length.
  • In regards to Angles
    • Right Triangle
      • This triangle consists of two acute angles (below 90 degress) and one angle with the measure of exactly 90 degrees, which is called a right angle, hence, the name right triangle.
    • Obtuse Triangle
      • This triangle consists of, again, two acute angles (below 90 degress), and one angle that measures more than 90 degrees, which is called an obtuse angle, hence, the name.
    • Acute Triangle
      • This consists of three angles that measures below 90 degrees, called an acute angle, hence, the name, Acute Triangle
    • Equiangular Triangle
      • It has three angles of the same measure.

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