Chito Miranda’s Post Over Relationship w/ Neri Naig Goes Viral

Viral Post of Chito Miranda Over Relationship w/ Wife Neri Naig

CHITO MIRANDA – The social media post of Parokya ni Edgar singer Chito Miranda over his relationship with Neri Naig went viral.

Among the couples who are coming from the different fields are Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. The former is into singing and is one of the members of the hit Pinoy band Parokya ni Edgar.

Neri, who joined showbiz following her Star Circle Quest stint, was a former actress. Now, she is focusing on her family and their several businesses.

Visibly, Chito and Neri are living a wonderful family life now. The man of the house continues with his band while supporting the business ventures of his wife. They have a son named Miggy.

A lot of people admire Chito and Neri – most especially the sweetness of the Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist to his wife. There were several times when his letters and gestures of love for her left a lot of people inspired.

Recently, Chito Miranda took to the social media a viral post his relationship with Neri Miranda. He revealed why his now-wife loved and chose him although there were a lot of men who were pursuing her that time.

Chito stated that Neri is beautiful, smart, sweet, kind, caring, patient, considerate, and forgiving. But the most important, she belongs to him.

According to the singer, there were other men who were more popular and richer who pursued the former actress. But what made her fall in love with him is his dedication and the way he treats her.

Chito Miranda revealed that he would drive for three(3) hours just to spend an hour with Neri Naig before. On his way home, he would have to drive another three(3) hours.

Also, he makes sure that she is happy whenever they are together. He made sure that he does not want them to be just friends but he acts like a friend to her, a brother, a father, and a best friend.

According to Chito, he never forced himself to Neri but he always made sure she feels that she is above everyone and everything else. He also stated that he stopped his other habits not because she told him to do so but because he wanted to be worthy to be loved by her.

The Instagram post of Chito Miranda over his relationship with Neri Naig went viral on social media. As of this writing, it has already reached more than 57 thousand likes on social media. Here are some of the comments:

@ellenaguilargeneroso: “Very inspiring love story Mr Miranda, masaya po talaga kasama at kausap ang mga katulad mong lalaki…”

@nesah6878: “[heart emojis] wala akong masabi, very well said…”

@widjhetleeza: “Grabeee ang sweet. Best couple”

@b9pz8g25: “Hanga ako sayo.. Lupet and L[heart emoji]vet idol! Love is in the air.”

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