What Exactly Is An Electromagnetic Wave? (Answer)

Answer To The Question What Is An Electromagnetic Wave?

ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE – In this topic, we will now talk and discuss about the meaning of electromagnetic waves.


According to NASA, also known as EM Wave, it is the result by a changing magnetic field inducing a changing electric field and vice versa. This are different from mechanical waves since they do not need a medium to generate.

In other words, EM waves can travel though air, solid materials, and especially, vacuum of space.

Discovery of EM Waves

A theory about EM waves was made by Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell. This was in order to explain EM waves.

In this theory, electrical fields and magnetic fields can couple together to form electromagnetic waves. His summary of the relationship between electricity and magnetism is now known as “Maxwell’s Equations.”

A German physicist named Heinrich Hertz applied Maxwell’s theories, resulted in the production and reception of radio waves. The unit of measuring the frequency of a radio wave is named after him.

Hertz’ radio wave experiment showed answers to the two problems:

  1. Radio wave velocity is equal to the velocity of light. This was proven in Hertz’ experiment in concrete, as theorized by Maxwell.
  2. Hertz now discovered how to make electric and magnetic fields detach themselves from wires and go free, thus the discovery of EM waves.

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