Some Globe Users Face Issues In Contacting PLDT Landline Numbers

GLOBE – Some users of Globe face issues in contacting landline numbers of PLDT after the transfer to eight-digit landline numbers was enacted.

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According to GMA News’ Mav Gonzales, one netizen complained the inability to access a PLDT landline number.

The telecommunications company further recognized the concern, who further said that it was due to a technical issue on PLDT’s part.

The telco further said in a statement that they have finished migrating all Globe at Home, DUO and Bayan landline numbers with the area code 02 to 8 digits, which is mandated by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

The telco further added that some users will face difficulty when calling PLDT landline numbers due to some issues encountered from their end.

Based on the report, PLDT said that it already completed the migration of its database of 7-digit landline numbers in Metro Manila to themandated 8-digit number system but said that they will resolve the said issues as quickly as possible.

“The vast majority of our customers can now call and be called via their respective 8-digit telephone numbers. Some lines in specific areas have however run into difficulties,”

“We are working with our technical partners to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. We are also coordinating with our counterpart telco carriers to address issues between telcos,”

Landline numbers of Metro Manila now has eight digit numbers as ordered by the NTC. Landline users must add the number 8 for PLDT numbers and 7 for Globe numbers before the 7-digit number.

When calling long distance or via cellphone, 02 must be keyed in first; while those who are calling abroad will add the country code 063 and area code 02 will be dialed in before the landline number.

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