Intense Commotion Between Sidewalk Vendors & Clearing Personnel Goes Viral

Video of Intense Commotion Between Sidewalk Vendors & Clearing Personnel Garnered Various Reactions Online

The video footage of an intense commotion between sidewalk vendors and clearing personnel goes viral after it was posed online.

Over the past few months, the Philippine government is strictly implementing clearing operations nationwide with the aim to clear the road from obstruction in line with the road widening program.

The program aims to remove the illegal street vendors and illegally parked vehicles that causes traffic congestion along the busy streets. The operations clears the road to give the public a more convenient streets.

Intense Commotion

However, some street vendors are expressing their disappointment towards the road clearing operation because it was their only source of income.

Recently, the Facebook page “Trending Pinoy Videos” has shared the video footage of several government personnel conducting a clearing operation beside the street. The clearing staff removed the street vendors.

Intense Commotion

Unfortunately, the crew used force to drive the vendors away from their stalls and even scattered their products on the ground. The street vendors even tried to stop the personnel who confiscated their products.

The video has a caption of:

“MARAHAS Ba? Tama ba ang ginawa sakanila at sino ang may mali sakanila?..

Sherly Carlos video uploader”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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