Why Does The Sky Change Color At Sunrise And Sunset? (Answer)

Answer To The Question Why Does The Sky Change Color At Sunrise And Sunset?

SKY CHANGE COLOR – In this topic, we will now answer the question as to why does the sky change color at sunrise and sunset.

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The sky is what we see above the ground. It is everything that are above the surface of the Earth. This includes the atmosphere and the outer space. Scientifically, it is called the celestial sphere.

Every day, the sky turns blue and at night, it appears dark, usually black or blue or depending on the lights of the Earth. During sunrise and sunset, its color changes. So why does it change color?


According to ScienceDaily, it is the result from a phenomenon called scattering. This was said by Steven Ackerman, a professor of meteorology at UW-Madison.

He further explained that the molecules and particles redirect light rays, resulting of their scattering. The details, however, can only be determined through the light’s wavelength and the size of the particle.

Blue and violet, which have short wavelengths, are scattered by air molecules more than other colors, which explains why we have a blue sky during the day.

As for sunrise and sunset, since sun is low on the horizon, its light passes through more air at sunsets than sunrise. This would mean more molecules to scatter violet and blue light away from our sights. This is why we see orange, yellow and red during sunsets.

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