5 Things You Could Discover About A Person From Their Voice

5 Things Your Voice Reveals About You

VOICE – Our main tool for communication, but did you know you could tell a lot about a person just from their voice alone?

There are a lot of ways to figure out a person, from body language, up to the faintest of cues. However, these tells are pretty hard to spot and take time to perfect.

5 Things You Could Discover About A Person From Their Voice
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In this article we will show ways to reveal an individual’s personality that could be heard loud and clear. Height and other special features could be learned from hearing a person’s voice.

Here are some of the things your voice could tell about you.

Sociability – your voice can determine your personality. More specifically, just from hearing someone talk, you could identify if the person is an introvert or and extrovert.

5 Things To Discover About A Person From Their Voice
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According to a study, people were asked to listen to a computer-generated speech. These voices were created to sound like voices of introverts and extroverts.

The results showed that people were able to identify introverts from extroverts easily. Introverts are quieter, and speak more slowly, while extroverts speak faster and louder.

Trustworthiness – According to another study, a simple Hello! could determine how trustworthy you are. 64 versions on Hello! were heard by volunteers.

5 Things To Discover About A Person From Their Voice
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The data from the study revealed that almost every participant chose men who made their pitch higher at the end of the word as trustworthy. For women, it was the ones with lowered pitch at the end who were taught to be trustworthy.

Height – Just from hearing someone talk, you could already know how tall they are. According to brightside, there was an experiment where people were asked to identify the tallest of 2 speakers.

Height comparison
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They were also asked to arrange 5 speakers in height. The data revealed that 62.17% of the participants were able to determine the taller talker (the taller the person, the deeper their voice is).

Fertility – According to studies, the menstrual cycle doesn’t only affect hormonal changes and moods. It also affects the voice as well.

5 Things To Discover About A Person From Their Voice
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In the study, it showed that the voice became higher as ovulation approached. So women with a higher pitch could possibly be more fertile.

Professionalism – your voice could definitely have an impact on your career. According to a study, people with vocal fry seemed to lack education and were less competent.

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Vocal fry is like a raspy crack-line sounding voice. This could signify that an individual isn’t confident or nervous during interviews.

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