Young Man Sells Onions Before Class To Gain Funds for Brother’s Treatment

Young Man Sells Onions Before Class for Brother’s Treatment

A young man had to sell onions before going to school in order to gain funds for the treatment of his younger brother at the hospital.

The 11-year-old boy from Henan province, China is selling onions before attending his class to help his family to earn money for the medication of his young brother and at the same time to help his family with their daily expenses.

Yan Yihang sees the hardships and difficulties of his parents to earn cash for the medications of his young brother Yan Ce who is suffering from a rare medical condition called aplastic anemia, which requires a huge amount of cash.

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Yihang decided to wake up early every morning to harvest spring onions from the little farm of their family. The young boy is leaving home as early as 6am to sell the onions in town before going to school.

The young kid is selling a bunch of spring onions for 1 yuan or $0.14 each and usually earns 50 yuan or $7 after selling 50 bunches. His parents are in debt after paying the medical bills worth 700,000 yuan ($98,700).

Yan Ce needed a bone marrow transplant and Yihang was the only who matched with his brother. Eventually, the transplant has been successfully done.

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