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Answers To The Question: What Is Spoken Word Poetry

SPOKEN WORD POETRY – Spoken word poetry is an oral art that gives spotlight to wordplay and rhyme to tell a story.

This form of poetry had also seen a rise in popularity in the Philippines. This was thanks to the exposure of Spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo in On The Wings Of Love.

According to Spoken word artist Dan Clark, the art form is actually something we do all the time. He also stated that it’s something conversational.

Spoken Word Poetry - What Is It? (ANSWERS)
Screenshot taken from: The Yard at 62 | YouTube

As an art form, spoken word utilizes concrete language, wordplay as well as rhythm to tell stories. Through the use of powerful specific wordplay, the listener would be able to feel the words as they are being uttered.

Many literary tools could be used when creating a spoken word piece. One of these tools is the Metaphor which can be aid the audience to visualize the story.

According to, stories from spoken word could take many forms. It could be funny, sad, painful.

However you want to take your piece, one thing must remain constant. The emotions you feel must be true to yourself.

Sometimes, a piece could be broad, or ambiguous, or lack a definite direction. Though often times that’s when the audience could find something to relate to.

Because the piece has no clear or definite structure, the audience would be free to have their own interpretation. This makes the piece more personal.

One of the most beautiful aspect of spoken word is that an individual is allowed to voice their emotions. With spoken word, people are allowed to give their perspective without fear or debate.

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