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Translate English To Tagalog “Execrable”

TRANSLATE ENGLISH TO TAGALOG – What is the Tagalog or Filipino translation of the word “execrable”?

Although the usage of the universal language has come a really long way now, there is still a long list of words that most people are not familiar with. One of them is the word “execrable”.

In this article, we will review the meaning of the word “execrable”. We will also discover its counterpart in Tagalog or the Filipino language.

What is “execrable”?

Based on a definition provided by Macmillan Dictionary, the word execrable means “extremely bad” in terms of quality. It is a synonym of poor, bad, and second-rate.

 What is “execrable” in Tagalog?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know the Tagalog translation of the word execrable.

English to Tagalog
Execrable = Masama

Examples of sentences using the word xecrable:

1. What happened to the company of Mr. Davidson was really execrable.

2. The execrable decision of the couple made them lose not only all the money they saved but as well as the secured future of their children.

3. Niña is very meticulous now when it comes to mobile phones after having bought an execrable one.

4. All the execrable products of the store were confiscated by the authorities during the product check-up.

5. Do you think letting her go is really an execrable decision?

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang masama:

1. Sobrang masama ang lasa ng pagkain na ibinigay sa kanila kaya hindi ito kinain ng mga bata.

2. Ang masamang pagkakakilala ni Rodrigo kay Tessa ang dahilan kung bakit hirap siyang magtiwala rito.

3. Masama ang kondisyon ng nakuha niyang manok kaya ibinalik niya ito sa may-ari.

4. Sobrang masama ang panahon kahapon kaya hindi nakaalis ng bahay si Dante.

5. Ang masamang trato ni Julian kay Daniel ang rason kung bakit galit ito sa kanya.

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