Kathryn Bernardo Creates, Maintains This Impression To Senior Stars

Kathryn Bernardo has this image in show business

Hello, Love Goodbye actress Kathryn Bernardo created and has maintained this impression to older celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Kathryn Bernardo
Photo courtesy of @bernardokath IG

Kathryn started her showbiz career at a young age. She was known as one of the young girls who brought laughter through the defunct kiddie gag show Goin Bulilit. Her more serious acting ability was showcased in the defunct TV series Super Inggo.

The popularity of Kath was boosted when she was paired with Daniel Padilla. Because of that, the Kathniel tandem was created and now has a huge fandom. Their movie The Hows Of Us was a blockbuster hit and during its promotion they revealed that they have been together as a couple for several years now.


Following that huge success, Kathryn Bernardo‘s movie with Pambansang Bae Alden Richards broke the success of all the movies in the Philippines, so far. Despite her star status, the young actress maintained the impression that many showbiz personalities have for her.

Based on the article by columnist Jun Lalin in Pang-Masa, Kath is one of the young stars who is commended because of her good PR (public relations). Many people in the industry noticed that even though she is now a certified box-office queen, she still shows respect to senior stars. She would approach them and introduce herself.


Lalin also shared his own experience on how Kathryn would treat other people especially those who are older than her in showbiz. The columnist said that there was a time when he visited Richard Gutierrez on the set of La Luna Sangre and the young actress greeted him and they talked.

This trait of Kathryn Bernardo is apparently different from a certain young actress who chose to ignore another actress who is much famous than her, according to the article.

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