Social Media Giants To Attest On Violent Content In Socmed Platforms

Social Media Giants To Attest On Violent Content In Socmed Platforms

SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS – Social media giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter is set to testify next week on violent content in socmed platforms.

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According to GMA News, this is in lieu to the US Panel’s efforts on them to remove content on social media platforms that contains violence or extremism.

The hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee, which is set in September 18, follows up the Congress’ concern about the using of socmed by users to make heavy crimes like mass shooting or other acts of violence.

The owner of 8chan which is an online message board, gave a statement on Capitol Hill last week regarding the board’s link to many current mass shootings.

The Senate committee further said that the hearing will observe the spread of extremism online and venture the effectiveness of the industry to handle the issue.

As per the report, they further added that the witness will talk about how tech firms are collaborating with law enforcement when content showing violence or danger is detected and the process of removing.

The representatives of each social media platform that is going to testify are:

  • Monika Bickert, head of global policy management of Facebook
  • Nick Pickles, public policy director of Twitter
  • Derek Slater, global director of information policy

Both Facebook and Google confirmed that they will comply but they did not comment further. As for Twitter, it did not comment immediately yet.

Facebook previously blocked users temporarily who will violate its rules on live broadcasting on May. This was a follow up to a world outcry after a gunner killed about 51 people in New Zealand and recorded it live on the page.

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