TITANIC MYSTERIES: Unsolved Mysteries About The ‘Unsinkable Ship’

Here are the Titanic mysteries that are not solved until now

TITANIC MYSTERIES – Titanic was called the “unsinkable ship” but when it sank, the mysteries about it continued to linger.

It is common knowledge to everyone that luxury liner set sail on April 10, 1912. Then, after five days of the voyage, it sunk. Out of 2,223 aboard, 1,00 died. However, there are still debates regarding the unsolved Titanic mysteries, based on the article from Reader’s Digest.

titanic mysteries
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Olympic or Titanic?

There is a theory stating that it wan not really the Titanic that sank during that drastic tragedy but its sister ship, the Olympic. It was speculated that it was deliberately done because of an insurance scam. The Olympic was damaged due to an accident and the owners allegedly staged that it was the Titanic.

Destroyed by fire?

Allegedly, the ship was damaged by a coal fire, which had been raging for three weeks before it sailed. With this theory, the ship’s hull would be weakened and became vulnerable when it hit an iceberg. (If it really hit an iceberg. This theory was published on smithsonianmag.com.

Hit an iceberg?

This idea is popular among the people who watched the Titanic movie. However, professional mariner Captain L.M. Collins opposed this idea. He said that if the ship hit an iceberg, it will just go down in minutes. According to Collins, most likely the ship hit a hidden floe of “pack ice”. It is multi-year-old sheets of ice floating near the ocean surface. He added that there must be discrepancies in eyewitness accounts which could be due to various optical illusions. Collins also said that the account would have been right if they have binoculars.

Why there were no binoculars?

A crew member who had been transferred off the ship just before the Titanic set sail had the key of the storage compartment where the binoculars were locked. The said crew member said that he forgot to hand over the key.

Ignored the warning?

S.S. Californian, a nearby ship, had radioed to say that it had been stopped by “dense field ice.”  That was an hour before the collision. However, Jack Phillips, the radio operator, never conveyed the warning to Captain Smith. There were speculations that the message was conveyed as “non-urgent”. Because of this, a theory arose that the Californians has something to do with it. Reportedly, it ignored the distress signal of Titanic.

Ignored by the third ship?

Another vessel was nearby, Norwegian ship Samson and some believed that it was nearer to Titanic than the Californian. Allegedly, Samson ignored the distress signals to avoid prosecution for its illegal seal-hunting.

The financer planned the whole thing?

The blame is on financier J.P. Morgan, especially coming from the believers that Olympic was replaced by Titanic. He was one of the owners of the company that owned both ships. However, he and his family did not join the sole voyage of the supposed “unsinkable ship”.

A murder?

Since J.P. Morgan was not in Titanic, a theory arose that it was a murder plot. His rivals Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus, and Benjamin Guggenheim boarded the ship and allegedly he planned to eliminate them.

That is why there were no enough lifeboats?

History.com stated: “No matter what caused the Titanic to sink, such a massive loss of life could probably have been avoided if the ship had carried sufficient lifeboats for its passengers and crew.” Some pointed this aspect to the alleged plan of Morgan against his rivals.

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