Wedding Visitor Finds Stranger Who Exactly Looks Like Him At Event

Wedding Visitor Shocked After Finding Stranger Who Exactly Looks Like Him

A wedding visitor found a stranger who exactly looks like and wearing the similar color of shirt while lining to take a photo with the newlyweds.

A Facebook user named Amir Zulfadhli Zulkifly has shared the video footage of his friend who found his doppelganger at the wedding. The wedding visitor was shocked after seeking his look alike on the stage.

The group has a good laugh after discovering his friend’s “Twin” on the stage while falling in line to take photos with the bride and groom. Both guys are bald and even wearing similarly colored shirts and same eyeglasses shape.

bald guy
bald guy

The bald guy who was having photo taken with the newlyweds has no idea what was happening but the other guy had the biggest laugh after discovering that hilarious moment. However, it is still unsure if the doppleganger would notice the similarity when the turn of Zulkifly’s friend comes.

The social media users commented that the two guys could be twins or brothers because of their resemblance.

Doppleganger is a double or a look-alike of a living person who is non-biological related to him or her.

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