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Answers To The Question: Why Is Gelotology Important?

GELOTOLOGY – In this article we will learn why Gelotology is important, its advantages, and its benefits.

Gelotology is the branch of science that is concerned with the study of laughter and humor. It also looks into laughter’s and their effects on the human body.

Gelotology – Why Is This Branch Of Study Important? (Answers)
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Laughter has been studied from both a physiological and psychological perspective. As more and more studies about laughter come to light, the physical and emotional benefits of it become clearer.

With laughter, stress hormones such as epinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol are reduced. All the while, healthy hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters are increased.

According to an article by Gaiam, when you laugh, you also provide a physical workout for your abdominal muscles, diaphragm, and heart. Laughing also relieves physical tension and stress, leaving muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

Laughter also helps fortify your immune system. As laughter decreases stress hormones, your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies increases.

It has also been proven that laughing for 10-15 minutes daily can burn approximately 40 calories. This would be enough to lose three-four pounds over the year.

When you laugh there are also a lot of mental health benefits. For one, laughter eases anxiety and tension, relieves stress, and improves your mood.

You could also use humor and laughter as a social lubricant. Having a happy personality attracts other to us by emanating by making us look friendly and approachable.

According to a post from, the formal study of laughter is conducted by specialists known as gelotologists. With the help of their EEGs, fMRI scans, and other equipment, laughter and its effects are well documented.

Gelotology – Why Is This Branch Of Study Important? (Answers)
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According to the post, a person is 30 times more likely to laugh if there are other people present. You probably notice this when watching a comedy or stand-up show by yourself.

Bo Burnham’s closing song to his Netflix Comedy Special encapsulates this perfectly. His song “Are you happy?” has a line that goes “And if you watch this thing alone You probably didn’t laugh, but maybe a few times you exhaled out of your nose”

All in all, laughter could take you to a better place where you can have a more relaxed and positive perspective in life.

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