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Thai Firefighter Says He Catch More Snakes Than Put Out Fires

FIREFIGHTER – A Thai firefighter said his fire station receives more calls to catch snakes in than putting out a fire their house.

Obviously, lots of people are afraid of snakes. The fear of these animals is called ophidiophobia. People jumped out of their place when they see these animals slithering on the ground or just literally everywhere.

Some of them are beautiful with their colorful or slimy scales but some of these reptiles are deadly. They can end a person’s life in just seconds.

Photo Source: Smithsonian Magazine

That’s the reason why people preferred to call the experts to catch the snake in their house. Some of these hunters are firefighters.

Based on a report from GMA News, a firefighter in Bangkok, Thailand named Pinyo Pukpinyo is busy catching snakes in their town than putting out fires. It says that their station receives 3,000 calls asking for help about a snake sneaking in their houses.

Firefighter Thai
Photo Source: @SCMP FB

South China Morning Post recently shared a video of Pinyo Pukpinyo catching a huge snake from the ceiling. It can be seen on the video that the deadly reptile was hiding behind the bars of the house ceiling.  

According to the report, Pukpinyo has been working as a firefighter for 16 years now and already caught over 10,000 snakes. Most of the reptile he caught were hiding in the canals, garden or in the toilet.

Photo Source: @SCMP FB

Based on the report, the disaster prevention officials disclosed that they received more than 37,000 calls regarding snake removals from inside their houses in 2018. Last month, the firemen in Bangkok responded to 100 snake problems in one day.

The firefighter said he rescued more or less 800 snakes per year, 70% of them were not poisonous while some are deadly like cobras.

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