McDonald’s Receives Praises Online for Hiring 59-Year-Old PWD Employee

A surprised netizen praised the branch of McDonald’s in Lacson-Bacolod for hiring a 59-Year-Old PWD man as their employee despite his disability.

A Facebook user named Dorlan Tiu has expressed his admiration towards a popular fast-food chain “McDonald’s” in Lacson Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental for giving an opportunity to Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

Tiu shared the photos of the mute man wearing a white polo shirt while performing his job properly inside the fast-food chain. The PWD man has been identified as Rolly Canuday, 59 years old.


Dorlan also stressed out that the government should prioritize the anti-discrimination bill for these types of people. He also said that disabled people should be given equal opportunities to work in the society.


Here is the full post:

“Kudos to McDonald’s Lacson-Bacolod for hiring this man.
Rolly Canuday
59 years of age

If we need to pass an anti-discrimination bill I think we should prioritize these type of people. Regardless of age and physical ability they are still productive citizens and should be given equal opportunities to work in society which is their basic right. People are being discriminated that affects their livelihood and struggles to have food in their plate.

This should be the main priority of Congress.
Praise God for this man. ☝”

Rolly Canuday is only one of the PWD people in the country who deserved to land a stable job to earn money for his daily cost of living.

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