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Here are the possible reasons why you experience hypnagogic jerk

When you feel as sudden twitch before totally falling asleep, this could mean that you are experiencing hypnagogic jerk and here are the possible causes of this.

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This condition is also called sleep starts or hypnic jerks, according to the article from Healthline. It is also called sleep twitches, night starts, or myoclonic jerks. Myoclonus is an involuntary muscle twitch. This is also responsible when you have hiccups.

A person can feel this at the moment when he or she is just drifting off to sleep but suddenly wake with a jolt and a jerk of the body. This is the transition period between being awake and falling asleep when your body involuntarily twitches.

Most people resemble the twitching to the feeling of falling and being scared or startled. Based on the article, almost 70 percent of the population experiences hypnagogic jerk.

Here are the symptoms:

  • jerk or jolt of a muscle or body part
  • falling sensation
  • sensory flash
  • dream or hallucination that leads to a startle, jump, or fall
  • quickened breathing
  • rapid heartbeat
  • sweating

Here are the possible causes of hypnagogic jerk:

Anxiety and stress – Being anxious and having stress can keep your brain active even though your body is already trying to relax and get some sleep.

Caffeine and nicotine – These stimulants are giving your body a hard time to relax. Products with these chemicals can prevent your brain from reaching deep sleep. These will just startle your brain from time to time.

Exercising too close to bedtime – Exercise can do a lot of good things for your body but if you do this activity just before bedtime can result in a hypnagogic jerk. One possibility, your body and brain may not slow down easily in time for your rest.

Sleep deprivation – Another possible cause of this is when you are not observing a good sleeping habit and if you are lacking enough sleep, based on the article.

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