ALIBATA – The Old Alphabet of the Philippines & Its Letters

Letters of the Old Alphabet of the Philippines “Alibata”

ALIBATA – Here is a discussion of this old Alphabet of the Philippines and its letters.

Nowadays, we are using the alphabet that contains twenty-eight(28) letters including the “ñ” and “ng”. Five(5) of the letters in the alphabet are vowels (a,e,i,o,u) while the rest are consonants.

Undeniably, the alphabet that we are using now has come a long way. Perhaps, some kids would even be surprised that it is actually not the very first alphabet adapted in the Philippines.

The other alphabet known is abakada. Aside from it, there is another old alphabet in the Philippines that existed. It is the alibata.

Based on an article on Steemit, the alibata is what our Filipino ancestors use before the Spaniards came to colonize the Philippines. The Filipino people before got their own language and alphabet.

With regards to the composition of the said old alphabet of the Philippines, it contains seventeen letters(17). Fourteen(14) of it are consonants and three(3) are vowels.

Based on the article, the vowels are a, e/i, and o/u. Here is a photo of the said old alphabet of the Philippines:

Photo Courtesy of Steemit

Unfortunately, there are no further details regarding this old alphabet. Rest assured that we will keep you posted for updates on further researches.

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