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Here are the reasons why your hands are shaking

These are the possible reasons why your hands are shaking which are linked to the status of your health.

There are times that people will feel the tremor due to nervousness but in an ordinary situation, when this happens, this says something about the condition of your body.

Though it can’t be considered as life-threatening, trembling of the hands can affect the daily routine of a person. To better understand the reason of this condition, here are the possible causes why your hands are shaking, according to My Health Genius.

Shaking of the hands reason
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Essential tremor

This is mainly associated with older people that could be a cause of degeneration of the cerebellum (brain area, which normally regulates motor movements). A person can experience tremor which starts on one side and then spread to the second one. It can become worse with time.

Caffeine overdose

According to the article, the recommended amount of caffeine for an adult is 400 mg of caffeine per day. More than this recommended caffeine, a person can feel the tremor. Caffeine is considered as a drug which can also be found in soda, tea, energy drinks and even in dark chocolate.

Low blood glucose levels

Lack of enough glucose in your body can also result in the shaking of your hands. Aside from this, one can also feel the tremor in upper extremities, extreme fatigue, palpitations, tremendous hunger, dizziness and fainting which is classified as hypoglycemia. Not eating for a long time, if you’re exercising vigorously or taking a high dose of diabetes medications, will make your blood sugar levels drop.

Multiple sclerosis

Having this condition can also result in tremor as it damages the protective myelin sheath of the nerves, leading to tremor, numbness, muscle weakness, coordination difficulties, and fatigue. This can worsen over the years.


One of the results of hyperthyroidism is the trembling of the hands, aside from tachycardia, nervousness, inexplicable weight loss, and sleeplessness. This condition is also known as the excessive production of thyroid hormones.

Parkinson’s disease

This disease is classified as the progressive damage of the brain structures, which are responsible for motions, according to the article. Having this neurological disorder can cause shaking.

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