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Ceres Bus Workers In The Middle Of Yanson Feud, Mother Of Yanson Appeals To Children

CERES BUS – The Ceres bus workers are currently trapped in the middle between the Yanson clan issue as the mother appeals to the children not to take over.

Image from” Bantayan Island

This explains the slogans placed in Ceres stations that says something involving the take-over, saying that LRY is the legitimate owner while thanking OVY.

According to The Guardian, the mother of the Yanson clan, OVY, which stands for Olivia V. Yanson, made an appeal to her children to put an end to the alleged attmpts to take over the franchise for the sake of their employees amountig to 18,000

Oliva adressed her plea to her children Roy, Emily, Celina and Ricardo Jr., who were the people who voted out their younger brother Leo Roy, also known as the LRY mentioned in the slogans.

Olivia said that her children should respect the decision of their father Ricardo Yanson Sr. but they instead chose to take over the Mansilingan office and made themselves new owners.

She said that the four children mentioned that they wanted to preserve their father’s legacy, but both Ricardo and Olivia saw that Leo Roy was the perfect legitimate owner to run the company, noting that he made the company better.

As per the report, she noted that it is merit, not birthright that will legitimize them to handle the management of Ceres. That being said, she pointed out that the 4 children only benefit from LRY’s sacrifices of the company.

The YGBC employees will be stranded due to the management dispute between the clans, as stated by Olivia. She further added that the enployees are terrified every time they allegedly force their way in and take over the offices.

She lastly said to listen to the pleas of the 18,000 employess who are cught on the middle of their feud.

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