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Here Are Some Signs To Look For In Order To Tell If Someone Likes You

HOW TO – If you’re interested in someone and you’re ‘kinda feeling’ they’re into you as well, here are some tips to identify if it’s a legitimate connection.

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Finding a partner nowadays have been made easier by online dating sites and chat rooms. But some people just prefer the kind of relationship that develops over time with personal connection and more actual interactions.

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If you’re still here, then that would probably mean you’re interested in looking for a partner. And in order to do that, there certain phases you need to go through to end up with a ‘couple’ status.

Most of the time, relationships start from the ‘getting to know each other stage’ and during this stage, the connection might seem blurry since you still have to identify if the other person has the same interest for you.

Otherwise, it would be complicated.

So, in order to tell if someone is interested in you, here are some signs you should look for:


It’s science! People tend to look at people they like and often try to avoid glancing at people they don’t like. A chemical in the brain must be the cause of the increase eye contact. Higher oxytocin levels increase mutual eye contacts and incite a certain feeling. This also increases the attraction and dilates the pupil.


People would often touch another person that they like. Women might slightly touch a man’s a arm if she’s interested in him. Men, often express their attraction to women by engaging in playful physical activities.


If someone likes you, they would often lean towards you when talking. People lean towards people they like and distance themselves from people they don’t like. As people become closer personally, the inward leaning will increase.


Barriers are often put by people between themselves and another person they are not close with (yet). Barriers could be random personal items such as: bags, purses, cushions, books, anything that they can. Having these barriers doesn’t really mean someone dislikes you, it just means that they’re not that comfortable around you yet. As the relationship goes on, the barriers will be removed.

These are just some tips we found on an article by Psychology Today.

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