How To: Spot A Liar By Observing Their Gestures And Responses

Here Are Some Things To Look For When Trying To Spot A Liar

HOW TO – People lie, and they lie ALL THE TIME, often to avoid conflicts or get away from trouble or punishment for doing something unacceptable.

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The concept of telling a lie itself could be difficult since liars had to make up cover stories for the true information yet a huge number of lies, often go undetected. Some people find lying to keep secrets, avoid trouble and provide comfort reasonable.

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It might sound like something detectives would say, but there are legit ways to ‘possibly’ detect lies. There are certain gestures and responses that often give away the person lying.

Subconscious movements and other signs might be easy to spot if you have mastered the methods for a long time. (However, people can also be great liars and hide the signs)

But here’s a list of the most basic things to look for:


Ask the person some regular inconspicuous questions. Such as “How are things?” “What did you have for lunch?” “How’s the family?” and other questions that they can respond to comfortably. Observe their movements when they respond. Throw enough questions to get a pattern. Now you would how they move when they’re telling the truth.


Now, when you’re asking questions which they might lie to, observe the movements. Did something change in the way they respond? Check their facial expressions and gestures.


When lying, people often pull their bodies inward. They do this subconsciously to make them look smaller and less noticeable. They will sometimes try to hide their hands to cover the fact that they’re fingers and hands are moving too much as they will be conscious. Also, look out for shoulder shrugs.


When they lie, people would usually change the way they speak. Observe the tone, rate and pitch of their speaking voices.

These are based on an article from Psychology Today.

That is all there is to it for now, we hope this article helped!

(Take note: These methods are not guaranteed to detect 100% of the lies as people behave differently. However, it may increase your chances of spotting them if you applied these correctly.)

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