PBB Otso: Wealand’s Priceless Reaction Seeing Kaori Again

Wealand has this reaction after seeing Kaori again inside the PBB Otso house.

PBB OTSO – Wealand Ferrer has this priceless reaction seeing Kaori Oinuma again inside the PBB house after confessing their past story.

In the first episodes of the batch 4 of the Pinoy Big Brother Otso, viewers are probably aware already that Wealand Ferrer personally knows teen Big 4 Kaori Oinuma. He even confessed to Big Brother that he pursued her before despite the distance and to the housemates that he got “basted”.

And now that all the Big 4 of each batches has entered the house, finally, they met again inside the house and it has gotten awkward between the both of them. She called her “pare” and the moment they bid their goodnights, he was the only who never got to be hugged by her.

Watch the video below as Kaori entered the house again and how Wealand had this unbelievable look in his face:

Also, he is struggling to initiate a talk with her or just merely look at her as he felt really shy and things were obviously awkward between them:

And here are some reactions of the netizens to this:

Alam ni kaori na may feelings sa kanya si wealand tama na ganyan lang yung trato nya para di umasa pero grabi yung admiration nya kay kaori elementary palang

I appreciate how andre care for wealand and tan hes really a brother and a gentle man

Si wealand lng talga hindi hinug, ok lng yn boi, nsaktan dn si argel dun.. He feel bad for wealand.. Parang pinigilan ni kaori si wealand, hindi tuloy nakabeso…


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