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Here Are Some Good Ideas For Party Games

PARTY GAMES – Parties held for kids’ birthdays, baptismal or reaching a milestone usually include fun activities to keep guests entertained.

party games
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Little kids love it when they get to go to parties and have fun. There has been different creative ways in holding kiddie parties. Some parents rent inflatable bouncy castles, playhouses and hire entertainers like clowns, mascots or magicians.

Games that involve physical activities are much better in parties that games that require gadgets or mobile phones/tablets.

Physical games that encourage kids to do collaborate with other kids are also recommended to make you parties fun and educational. Games that require individual effort are also great ways to develop children’s problem solving skills and sport competitiveness.

Here are some good ideas for kids’ party games:


In this game, participants are tasked to say two true things about themselves and one lie. It is the task of the other players to guess which one is the lie.


Kids would have to work in groups on this one. Groups of kids are tasked to find hidden items around the venue based on clues. Strategic decisions are needed to win!


One player gets to draw a picture and the other players are tasked to guess what is being drawn. Whoever guessed it correctly first, wins!


A given phrase must be transferred from one player to another until it reaches the final player. The phrase must be kept the same or close to the original phrase.


Players would take turn trying to make others laugh with a rubber chicken.


One kid must sit blindfolded or with his or her eyes closed as a ball would be passed around by other kids. The blindfolded kid would then yell ‘hot potato’ and who ever holds the ball loses the game.

These are just some of the games from the post by Shutterfly.

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