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Dream interpretation and what it was trying to tell you.

DREAM INTERPRETATION – Here are some of the most common types of everyone’s dreams and what it is trying to tell about you.

What was all your dream about? Are you being chased? One of your tooth fell? Or someone died? Is your dreams bothering you and you caught yourself in deep thought trying to figure out what it was trying to say? Then, you might find the answers here!

Dream Interpretation

Here are some of the most common types of dreams and what it is trying to tell you:

  • WATER – Accordingly, it is you are either trapped or free. This dream is associated into many ways but having a large amount of it in your dreams might mean something about deep emotions and strong emotional reaction regarding your current life.
  • CAR ACCIDENT – Dreaming about cars mean nothing in specific but a car crash defines that you are experiencing low confidence and worried about losing something. And you have to find out the root why you’re feeling worried and resolve it.
  • TRAPPED – This means of being worried with your current situation and being trapped somewhere in small area only tells you that you are not happy with what you have now, so might as well change it.
  • ANIMALS – If you have dreamed about animals, the meaning depends on what kind of animal is in your dreams. We can easily link animals to a personality or emotion. And it might tell you something about you in the real world.
  • CHASING – We usually don’t know what is particularly chasing us in our dreams, right? Accordingly, our mind is just normally anxious about the horror films we’ve watch, thus, resulting of this dream. But on the other hand, it could mean an unresolved issue that is making you worried.
  • DEATH – This is fairly often linked to negative ideas but dreaming about death might mean change on one hand.
  • PREGNANCY – It depends on how you have dreamed about it. If in a negative way, it could mean you are afraid of the responsibility of this ahead in the waking world. Or perhaps you are just considering of doing something new.
  • FIRE – This can mean anger and destruction and sometimes, telling you that you are not happy with your situation.
  • DEAD RELATIVE – This for just closure purposes.
  • HIDING – This dream means that you are feeling not safe, scared, and insecurity.


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