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Types Of Essays - Their Definitions And Purposes (English)

Types Of Essays – Their Definitions And Purposes (English)

Here Are The Different Types Of Essays

TYPES OF ESSAYS – Written essays are made with various purposes, and their types would differ depending on these different functions.

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Just like writing a letter, writers often have the objective of conveying a message to a receiver. Usually, essays are written to express ideas, opinions and critical analysis of certain topics.

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The topics in writing an essay may also differ but it must be noted that these are relevant and timely. The contents should also be focused on to be able to provide a good quality output.

The content also changes with different types of essays.

There are four major types of essays: Narrative Essays, Descriptive Essays, Expository Essays and Persuasive Essays


Narrative essays intend to relay a story or re-tell it. It’s sole purpose revolves around that. Although, it may sound easy, writing this type of essay requires writers to write vividly using descriptive words and imagery.


With it’s name, this essay aims to describe something. Writers of this type of essay also need the proficiency in language to write vividly with descriptions. This essay could be written to describe things, people, a place or an event.


This type of essay intends to inform the readers. It requires thorough research and studying to ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of facts. The language used in this kind of essay is usually formal.


Persuasive essays intend to persuade or convince the readers of an idea or a concept. The writer should present his/her points in an appealing form to effectively move the readers. The claims can also be backed with actual facts and logic.

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