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Why Both Young & Adults Are Into Tagalog Hugot Lines

TAGALOG HUGOT LINES – Are you also wondering why so many people regardless of age are fond of using hugot lines?

Nowadays, undeniably, a lot of people are into hugot lines or hugot quotes. These are usually Tagalog statements comparing two(2) things or incidents that are far different from each other.

Not only the teenagers but as well as the adults and even the little kids are fond of using it. To others, it sounds well as it has become part of the trend while there are some people who find it too “corny’.

Are you also one of those who are curious why is it a lot of people like Tagalog hugot lines or quotes?

Tagalog Hugot Lines

Undeniably, using the Tagalog hugot lines or quotes has become one of the ways for a lot of people to express their emotions in a “half-joke” manner. In that way, the intensity of the message is lessened but it has been expressed.

When you really look beyond the lines or quotes used by a person, no matter how funny it seems to be, it conveys something that the person may not directly say in a serious tone.

Thus, hugot lines or quotes have unloaded a lot of emotions without causing worries to the listeners.

Another possible reason why hugot lines or quotes are a trend is that people tag it as a creative work of the mind. You cannot compose q witty one easily and not everyone can quickly come up with their own.

If you want to see some examples of these hugot lines or quotes, you may visit – HUGOT QUOTES: 15+ Examples of Tagalog Hugot Quotes.

Thank you for visiting Feel free to drop your own hugot line below in the comments section.

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