OCEAN FACTS: Here Are Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Oceans

Here are some ocean facts.

OCEAN FACTS – Here are some of the unbelievable and mid-blowing facts about this very vast portion of the Earth, the oceans.f

As much as anyone is probably aware of, 70 percent of the world’s surface is covered with oceans. With so much space that it has taken up, there are still a lot of parts which were undiscovered and unexplored.

Here are some more of the mind-blowing facts:

  • More than half of the Earth’s oxygen are not mainly coming from the trees, but instead, from the marine photosynthesizers such as the phytoplankton and seaweed.
  • There are still 80 percent more of ocean that have not been discovered yet and waiting to be explored.
  • Mid-ocean range is the longest mountain range in Earth and 90 percent of it is under the water measuring 40,389 miles around the globe.
  • Mariana’s Trench depth is taller than the highest peak on Earth, the Mount Everest.
Ocean Facts
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  • There is an underwater river existing found in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This is due to various levels of water density.
  • When a whale dies, its remains falls into Bathyal or the abyssal zone of the ocean floor which eventually becomes an ideal habitat for other creatures.
  • Deep-sea gigantism is what happens to over-sized sea creatures that even scientists could not explain the causes of the massive growth of these animals.
Ocean Facts
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  • Annually, great white sharks in this particular area in the mid-Pacific Ocean called “White Shark Cafe” and just hang around.
  • “Dragon Hole” is the deepest ocean sink hole roughly 987 feet deep found in South China Sea.


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