MB Writer Takes On GMA’s Resident Analyst For Insulting DDS Bloggers

Writer From Manila Bulletin Throws Some Shade At GMA’s Resident Analyst

MB WRITER – An on-going feud between GMA’s resident analyst and DDS bloggers caught the attention of an MB Writer who then shared views from her side.

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Bloggers from various outlets have took on other bloggers and journalists in the past in a firm and brave stand to prove one’s point. Asserting views from a personal standpoint often raises conflicts, especially with each side having preset judgement.

Years ago, a popular social media personality and blogger criticized another writer for applying biases.

Meanwhile, conflict of opinions have resulted to a crossfire of harsh statements as problems arise.

It all began when the former professor and current resident analyst of GMA News – Richard Heydarian – published an editorial and made a harsh commentary about the admins’ independent foreign policy.

DDS Supporters, notified about the commentary, also reacted and criticized the former professor for his remarks. They even accused him of plagiarism.

In response, as Heydarian was not cool with the allegation of plagiarism, he made insulting remarks against one of DDS bloggers saying that the blogger should first acquire a degree before poking fun at someone else’s intellect.

He also took on other DDS bloggers saying they are not academically published and told them something about plagiarism.

After this, he received a response from another DDS blogger – also writer for Manila Bulletin – Krizette Laureta Chu.

This is based on an article from Philippine Trending News.

Chu made a post explaining why DDS Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot’s posts are chosen by netizens over the others. She also said that the DDS blogger writes to express thoughts instead of trying to impress.

She said:

“Because she keeps things simple. She writes to explain, not writes to show off.”

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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