Taho: Classic Filipino Snack Loaded With Flavor And Nutrition

A Cup Of Taho Is Suprisingly Healthy!

TAHO – The classic Filipino snack is made out of silken tofu and arnibal topped with sago pearls and for some, other sweetened syrups.

Photo taken from When In Manila

Can you recall moments when you rush outside every time you hear manong taho peddler walk past your house? Many of our childhood memories include running as fast as we can just to catch the vendor.

Although, the delightful snack is a best-seller, there were reports that some vendors make the snack in a disgusting environment.

Another fact: the word taho was actually derived from the Chinese word douhua which mean tofu pudding in English.

Considered as one of the best snack in the country, many people still crave for its unique blend of flavors. Not only is it delicious, it’s also super cheap!

As far as I can remember, 10 Philippine peso can already get you a regular-sized cup of tasty taho,

On top of that, the treat is also healthy.


The snack is a rich protein-source and could help decrease cholesterol intake. And in another study taken recently, it was found that the soy-based treat could also help prevent heart disease.


A link between soy consumption and cancer prevention was also found. Consuming regular amounts of soy can reduce the rate of tumor formation that usually causes cancer and other illnesses. For males, soy consumption could also reduce risk of prostate cancer.

Taho is surely one of the best snacks! No wonder it sends us out running!

This is according to an article from Eagle News.

But if can’t wait for the taho peddler, you can also look up the internet for taho recipes and try to make your own! Don’t forget to tell us about the results!

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