IDIOMS EXAMPLES – List of 25+ Examples of Idioms / Idiomatic Expressions

25+ Examples of Idioms / Idiomatic Expressions & their Meaning

IDIOMS EXAMPLES – Here is a list of more than twenty-five (25) examples of idiomatic expressions and their meaning.

One of the topics discussed under the English subject in the elementary, secondary, and college years is idiomatic expression or idiom.

Idiomatic expression or more commonly called as idiom are combinations of words which have meanings that are far from what the literal meaning of the words conveys.

Among the famous examples of idioms is the “raining cats and dogs” which means it is raining very hard.

Idioms Examples

For more examples of idioms or idiomatic expressions, here is a list of 25+ of them based on Your Dictionary. The meaning of each expression is also included in the list:

  1. Bee in her bonnet – upset
  2. Giving the cold shoulder – ignoring someone
  3. Cry crocodile tears – pretending to be upset or sad
  4. Fell on deaf ears – the people are not listening
  5. Different kettle of fish – very different
  6. Crack a book – open a book and study
  7. Cost an arm and a leg – very expensive
  8. Fish out of water – do not belong in a place or group
  9. Get off your high horse – stop thinking you are better compared to others
  10. Second thoughts – doubts
  11. Miss the boat – miss the chance
  12. See eye to eye – agree
  13. Pig out – eat a lot
  14. Get cold feet – feeling nervous
  15. Out of the blue – happening with no signs or warnings
  16. Stir a hornet’s nest – to ignite problems or troubles
  17. The world is your oyster – you can reach your dreams or be wherever you want
  18. Mumbo jumbo – nonsense
  19. Get your act together – behave
  20. Speak your mind – express what you truly feel
  21. Second to none – the best
  22. A grey area – something not clear
  23. When pigs fly – something is impossible
  24. All ears – giving full attention
  25. Add fuel to the fire – ignite the problem / conflict more
  26. Cool as a cucumber – very calm under a stressful situation

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