LUNG CANCER: 6 Signs You Must Know Before It Gets Worse

Here are the 6 signs of lung cancer that you must know

Lung cancer is one of the major causes of death in the world and here are the 6 signs of this ailment that you must know.

Based on the article from Healthy Plus, smoking is the major risk factor of this disease but passive smoking or passive exposure to smoke may also lead to lung cancer.

This kind of cancer has a very poor prognosis. In most cases, doctors diagnose the disease when it reaches an advanced stage which only has 4 percent possibility of 5-year survival.

lung cancer signs
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Here are the signs that you must know:

Long lasting cough

It can be considered as a bad sign when your cough lasts longer than the usual. Usually, a cough from a cold only lasts for less than two weeks, beyond this period, it can be sign of cancer.

Change in cough

Long-time smokers may develop chronic cough and it is harder on their part to distinguish the cough symptom from a regular cough. However, change in a chronic cough like coughing blood, frequently coughing with a deeper sound, have a mucus cough etc, are signs you need to see a doctor.

Chest and back pain

When your chest area or your back area is in pain, it can be a sign of lung cancer. According to Healthy Plus, chest pain can be as a result of the metastasis of the pleura or because of enlarged lymph nodes.

Sudden weight loss

Just like any other cancer, the cancer of the lungs also affects the patient’s weight. This ailment can cause weight loss from 10 pounds or more. Cancer cells are consuming your energy just like how your body uses energy from the food you eat.

Bone pain

Lung cancer that spread wider from the lungs can cause bone pain in the back, shoulders or arms. Mostly, it is felt when sleeping on the back and you need to see a doctor if the pain is so severe.


Another sign of lung cancer is when you breathe and you hear a wheezing sound. It is probably because the airway is blocked, inflamed or constricted, based on the article.

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