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The Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Of Many Also Has A Healthy Side

BEER HEALTH – Moderate and limited consumption of beer can somehow be healthy. (Note: Too much consumption is not encouraged.)

beer health
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Beer has been the favorite alcoholic drink by many for its light buzz and lower alcohol content compared to much stronger liquors. Although, it takes more of the beverage to get a person drunk, some beers have a slightly stronger kick that could knock you out completely, so watch out for that.

Watch: Yam Concepcion down a pint of beer in her Instagram video.

While beer can be a dangerous substance if taken too much, moderate consumption can actually be beneficial for our health:

Here are some health benefits we could get from beer:


An Italian research revealed the information that beer drinkers who drink moderately had lower risks of heart disease compared to non-drinkers. About 42 percent lower risk!


One study from the journal “Consciousness and Cognition” showed slightly beer-buzzed guys solving puzzles a few seconds faster than sober guys.


Dutch researchers came up with a study and analyzed 38,000 males and discovered that men who weren’t avid drinkers began drinking ‘moderately’ for over 4 years, they were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.


Researchers from Canada discovered that a certain amount of beer consumed daily increases antioxidant activity that could cease cataracts from developing in the eyes.


A Harvard study revealed that ‘moderate’ beer consumption is linked to less risks of developing hypertension or high blood pressure compared to those who use wine or cocktails.

These are based on an article from Men’sHealth.

We always discourage too much alcohol consumption as it might turn the positive health effects around and cause negative health results.

What do you guys think? What other health benefits from beer do you know?

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