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BRANCHES OF SCIENCE - The 4 Main Branches And Their Definition

BRANCHES OF SCIENCE – The 4 Main Branches And Their Definition

BRANCHES OF SCIENCE – What Are The 4 Major Branches?

BRANCHES OF SCIENCE – Here we will discuss the 4 major branches of science and define each branch and their specialization.

In the Science subject, we began by introducing Science itself, followed by the branches that emerge from Science.


Let’s start off by defining what Science is about.

Science, according to Teachnology, is the systematic study of the nature and manners of an object and the natural universe that is established around measurement, experiment, observation and formulation of laws.

Science has four major branches:

1. Mathematics and Logic

This branch specializes in abstract concepts. Mathematics and Logic are said to be the language of science as you need both of them to determine how natural sciences and social sciences work. Not only that, this branch is used for forming laws, theories and hypothesis. You cannot simply come up with a conclusion without a formulation.

2. Biological Science

Basically the study of living things. Biological science specializes in studying any living creature or species. Sub topics of this branch include Zoology, the study of animals; Anatomy, the study of the structure of organism and its parts; Botany, the study of plant life; and so on.

3. Social Science

As per the topic, Social Science deals with society and man’s relationship to society. This branch includes Economy, the study of goods and services; Psychology, the study of human behavior; Sociology, the study of society; and more.

4. Physical Science

Physical Science specializes in the study of inanimate natural objects. Included in this branch is Astronomy, the study of heavenly bodies; Geology, the study of the planet Earth; Chemistry, the study of substances that make up matter; and Physics, the study of matter and energy.


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