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Catriona Gray On What She Learned, Realized As Miss Universe 2018

CATRIONA GRAY – Fil-Aussie beauty queen Catriona Gray revealed what she learned and realized as Miss Universe 2018.

Filipina-Australian beauty queen Catriona Gray was crowned as the Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand on December 17, 2018.

In a previous article, the 25-year-old celebrity answered the question if she’s Miss Australia or Miss Philippines.

Photo Source: CNN Philippines

Catriona Gray said she feels more like a Filipina than an Australia but she didn’t deny that she was raised very much of an Australian way.

“I really feel like I’m a Miss Philippines. I feel like a Filipina, a Filipino woman. It just so happens that when I was growing up, I was very much of an Australian. And I think you can be both because I did grow up with those two sides of the world.”

“I just thought it was funny that there was this war, like, ‘no, she’s ours, she’s practically a Miss Australia.’ But I am a Miss Philippines.” she added.

Her achievement in the beauty pageant scene definitely made lots of Australians proud also.

Photo Source: Interaksyon

Based on a report from PEP, Catriona Gray shared what she has learned and realized in life in 6 months of being the Miss Universe.

“It’s really that we are on a path for a reason… There were a lot of times when I would question, ‘Why do I have this ambition in my heart?”

“Cause you know when you do come across roadblocks or come against a wall when you’re pursuing a dream, you can really start to question like, ‘Why do I have this dream in the first place? Why does my heart want this?’” she explained.

Photo Source: Bandwagon Asia

According to the report, the beauty queen believed that she won the prestigious title because God set her for something meaningful purpose. To help other people in her power.

“There is a bigger purpose, and purpose for me comes from serving other people.”

“Purpose is about being in a position and taking advantage of that position to give to others, that’s when it really becomes fulfilling and you find your purpose as a person,” she added.

Photo Source: Inquirer

Based on the report, Catriona Gray believed that she has served her purpose because she has been given lots of responsibilities over the 6 months of being the Miss Universe 2018.

“She has! Because I really have received so much more responsibilities… I have a platform, but with it came responsibility and I am deeply aware of that, which is why every time I wanna speak on the matter or put a message out there, I wanted it to be on the purposeful kind.”

“Whether it would be advocating awareness for LoveYourself and Young Focus and working with brand families like FrontRow, that is the message I wanna put out there,” she added.

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No wonder lots of Filipinos adored this beauty queen. Surely, lots of aspiring Filipinas hoped to be the next Miss Universe.

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