VIDEO: Musicians Play ‘Titanic’ Theme Song As Mall Starts To Flood

Musicians Play ‘Titanic’ Theme Song In Flooding Mall

MUSICIANS – The musicians decided to play the ‘Titanic‘ theme song as the mall starts to flood.

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Meanwhile, a band decided to play the Titanic theme song as the water from the ceiling flooded into the floor of the mall in Guadalajara.

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Based on a report from Mexico Daily News, Guadalajara experienced rain and hail on Saturday, June 8.

The bad weather left roads under water, fallen trees and flooded shopping malls in its wake. The musicians in the mall decided to lighten up the mood.

Photo Source: @Flavia Moreira FB

Musicians’ video at the Plaza Patria mall in Zapopan, Jalisco went viral on social media. The footage shows that the water cascaded through the mall’s roof and falls rapidly on the mall’s floor.

It can also be seen on the video that a mall staff tried to place a pale on the pouring water.

The expanding pool on the mall’s floor inspired the musicians to play the Titanic soundtrack “My Heart Will Go On” to amuse and delight the shoppers.

Photo Source: @Flavia Moreira FB

According to the report, it was not the first time that the mall in Guadalajara has been under water.

The torrential downpour at the location has affected at least 20 establishments.

The viral video on Facebook has generated 35,000 reactions, 54,396 shares, and 1.2 million views as of this writing

Watch the video below:

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