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Fake Bubble Tea Pearls Are Allegedly Made From Shoe Soles, Old Tires

FAKE BUBBLE TEA PEARLS – The fake bubble tea pearls are allegedly made from used tires or shoe soles.

‘Boba’ pearls or bubble tea became one of the most popular drinks in 2012. However, it is also among the difficult food to digest and could stay in the stomach for several days.

To avoid having an upset stomach, you should drink the trending coolers of at least once or twice a week.

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Following a previous article, doctors of a young girl in China found hundreds of undigested bubble tea pearls in her stomach.

After feeling stomach pains and constipated for almost a week, the girl was brought to the hospital.

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Based on a report from the Hong Kong Free Press, the fake Chinese ‘boba’ pearls are made from shoe soles and old tires.

 A reporter in Qingdao bought a ‘boba’ milk tea from a local shop and then went to a hospital to undergo a Computerized Tomography (CT) scan.

The result of the CT scan showed a stomach stuffed with undigested bubble tea pearls.

Photo Source: Hong Kong Free Press

According to the report, the scientist at the Qingdao University’s Chemical Experimentation Center was shocked by the substance.

Although the scientist was not sure what the tapioca pearls were made of, they described it as “highly adhesives.”

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Based on a report, the media tried to initiate an undercover interview with the managers of the milk tea shop in the city. None of them have any idea about the fake bubble pearls.

However, one local shop decided to come clean: “They’re all made of chemical plants. To put it bluntly, they’re made from the soles of leather shoes and old tires.”

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