VIDEO: Indonesian Students Belt Out JK Labajo’s ‘Buwan’, Goes Viral Online

Video of Indonesian Students Belting Out JK Labajo’s ‘Buwan’ Goes Viral

INDONESIAN STUDENTS – The video of Indonesian students belting out JK Labajos song ‘Buwan’ went viral online.

The Voice Kids finalist JK Labajo is the singer of the hit original Pilipino music (OPM) song “Buwan.”

JK took inspiration from the rock legends in the Philippines like Ely Buendia and Eraserheads.

JK Labajo
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JK Labajo’s song ‘Buwan’ is set to take you on a road trip and the amazing vibes is a perfect soundtrack while riding with your partner.

The listeners would fall even further as the 18-year-old singer would belt out high notes that sound like a howling cry. The singer passionately proclaims his feelings.

There is no doubt why this song was admired by millions of Filipinos. In fact, several celebrities have made their version of the song.

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Little did we know that JK Labajo’s song also became very popular in other countries.

A video of several Indonesian students belting out the ‘Buwan’ song went viral on social media. Some of them did it very well while some really tried their best in reaching the high notes.

It can be seen on the video that the Indonesian students enjoyed singing or screaming the lyrics of the song.

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The viral video was uploaded on the Youtube Channel of Ernie Veniegas. The video has generated 2,052,052 views as of this writing.

Watch the video below:

The video flooded with delighted reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Bae Sic: “That guy from is actually not bad. I’m a Filipino and watching you guys do these make me laugh in a good way”

@Angela Lauren: “Overwhelming that Indonesians are singing Filipino song.”

@KingsNRoses: “bro if you’re reading this I hope you’ll be famous. You got talent & has an amazing wow factor voice.”

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