Rookie Cop Drowns During PNP-SAF Training In Batangas

Rookie Cop Dies in Training for Dream to be SAF Trooper

ROOKIE COP – A rookie cop drowned during his training with the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Batangas.

The Special Action Force COMMANDO (SAF) is the counterterrorism unit of the PNP.

SAF members undergo extreme training related to military operations, search & rescue operations, hostage rescue, and law enforcement.

Photo Source: Inquirer

This elite unit undergo several training course namely Explosives and Ordinance Disposal, Basic Airborne Couse, Urban Counter Revolutionary Warfare, SCUBA-BUSROC (Basic Under-Water Search and Rescue Operations course, and SAF Seaborne Warfare Course.

 Obviously, those trainings mentioned above were not that easy.

Photo Source: @Manny Jose Baldonado FB

Based on a report from CNN, a rookie cop named Manny Jose Baldonado accidentally drowned during his training in Batangas.

The 27-year-old police officer from Santiago, Isabela is among the hopefuls who wanted to become a part of the Special Action Force.

Unfortunately, his body gave up while training for the diagnostic combat at SAF Training Breach Annex at Barangay Baha in Calatagan, Batangas on Sunday, June 2.

Photo Source: @Manny Jose Baldonado FB

According to the report, the SAF Training instructor tried to revive the rookie cop before he was brought to Metro Balayan Medical Center.

Unfortunately, the doctors proclaimed that the SAF trainee died before he got into the hospital.

Photo Source: @Manny Jose Baldonado FB

On the Facebook account of the rookie cop, he chronicles his training to become one of the elite force in the Philippines.

“Hindi ko pinangarap maging sundalo pero sabi nga nila dito sa loob sa amin na may dahilan raw si Lord kaya andito kame, hindi aksidente kung bakit kame nandito ngayon kundi ito raw talaga ang kapalaran na nakalaan para sa amin,” he said.

Messages of grief flooded his social media account.

Photo Source: @Manny Jose Baldonado FB

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