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The US Ambassador’s Statement Towards The Importance Of US-Philippines Military Relations

US AMBASSADOR – US Ambassador Sung Kim recently released a statement saying military unions between US an Philippines is still important.

US Ambassador
Photo taken from The Straits Times

The dispute between China and Philippines still remains despite the recent agreement of both countries’ leaders to seek peaceful alternatives.

In a statement by the US Ambassador yesterday, he said that the military relations between Philippines and US is still critically important. Especially after noticing the recent activities going on the disputed waters.

The Chinese activities in the disputed waters could directly affect the Philippines according to the US.

US Forces also conduct operations in the South China Sea backed by the Freedom Of Navigation Program (FONOP).

These legal operations goes to show that US forces and vessels will continue to fly and sail in areas “wherever international law allows.”

Claimants of the South China Sea are also being advised by US to cease aggressive unilateral actions that are not condoned by international rulings.

The US is not a claimant of the disputed waters, however, Sung Kim expressed their sincere concern towards the issues regarding the South China Sea ownership.

Kim revealed their objectives in his statement:

“Even though we are not a claimant, we take very serious interest in what’s happening in the South China Sea, and that’s why we work very hard to protect freedom of navigation, freedom of overflight.”

This is according to an article from Philstar.

Last March, Mike Pompeo – US state secretary – paid a visit to the Philippine capital where he vowed that Washington will provide Philippines the necessary protection whenever its vessels, aircrafts and other forces were attacked in South China Sea.

An attack in the area would trigger the obligations of the Mutual Defense Treaty from 1951 in which the US has a “clear” commitment.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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