FREE School Supplies And Uniforms For Students In Makati

Students In Makati Received Free School Supplies And School Uniforms Upon Enrollment

FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES – A Makati resident posted a photo of the free school supplies and a set of school uniform they received upon enrollment.

Free School Supplies
Photo taken from Jane Sedano | Facebook

After the election 2019, the newly elected mayor of Makati apparently provided students with free school supplies and school uniforms.

A netizen, identified as Jane Sedano – who we assumed was a student in Makati City – expressed her gratitude for the freebies she received through a Facebook post.

She posted the photos with the caption:

Upon enrollment eto na ibibigay sa estudyante, yan ang PAGMAMAHAL NI MAYORA ABBY, para sa mga bata at ginhawa para sa mga magulang..may bota at kapote na din yn!

[This is what we’re like in Makati! Upon enrollment, this is what they give the students. That’s the love of Mayor Abby, for the children and convenience for the parents. Boots and raincoats were also included! Feel the love of Mayor Abby!]

With the hashtag #PROUDMAKATIZEN

She seemingly referred to Mayor Abby Binay who recently won the local elections.

The post quickly got the attention of thousands of netizens. The post was made 19 hours ago it already had 5,700+ likes and reactions and has been shared more than 18,000 times.

Netizens were also amazed of the generosity of the Makati Mayor.

“Sana nga kahit uniform nlng ipalit instead na bag ..ang saya nmn nian sa Makati, [How I wish, uniforms were given instead of bags. It’s so fun there in Makati]” said a Facebook user Cel Javalde Pandez.

“Sana lahat ng school ganyan noh. [Don’t you wish all schools were like that?]” – Facebook user Katrina Paula Tolin

“Ang saya saya ng mga taga makati. …sana sa lahat n ng bayan. [It’s so fun in Makati, I hope it’s also like that in all states.]” – Rosanna Galletes

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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