Isko Moreno Promised To Clean Up Manila After Winning As Mayor

The Former Scavenger Promised To Clean Up Manila In His Term As Mayor

ISKO MORENO – The former ‘basurero’ or ‘garbage man’ of Tondo is now the elected Mayor of Manila City after winning the 2019 elections on Monday.

Francisco Moreno Domagoso or Isko Moreno was also the former Vice Mayor of Manila. Last year, he took another step in his political career by filing his certificate of candidacy or COC for the mayoral position.

Isko Moreno
Photo taken from Tempo

Domagoso, who used to collect garbage for money, now became the city mayor after defeating incumbent mayor Joseph Estrada and former mayor Alfredo Lim.

Earlier, the recently elected mayor said that one of his major goals in his three years time as Mayor is to clean the city.

In an interview with GMA’s Unang Balita a day after the proclamation Isko said that he they already made the commitment [of cleaning the city] during the campaigning period.

He also talked about a proposed program in the city where people can people can get food in exchange for their recyclable trash. He explained it in his statement:

In fact, even yung pagiging pangangalakal ng basura was introduced during the campaign as a form of policy and programs ng gobyerno. [In fact, even garbage collecting was introduced during the campaign as a form of policy and programs by the government]”

This is according to an article from GMA News Online.

He claimed that government is willing to buy people’s collected trash, but instead of money, they’re giving away food for it.

Domagoso also revealed that he only got the idea during his trip to Europe.

In his statement, he said that when he was in Europe, he saw an ATM machine that accepts garbage. People put in bottles and money comes out.

He said to himself “Okay tong concept na to ah. [This is an ‘okay’ concept.]

Other than cleaning the city, other plans of Isko Moreno include:

  • reduce property tax,
  • reintroduce nutribun to public school students, and
  • give allowance to students of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and Universidad de Manila

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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