Security Guard Allegedly Loses Job Over Tukomi Brothers Viral Prank

TUKOMI BROTHERS – A security guard allegedly loses his job after Tukomi Brothers’ viral prank.

A prankster is a mischievous person who is playing tricks or does practical jokes. Nowadays, pranksters create viral videos and social experiments online.

One of the popular comedy group or pranksters in the Philippines is the Tukomi brothers.

Tukomi Brothers
Photo Source: buzzooks

Tukomi brothers consisting Oliver, Lester, and Hiroshi currently have 1.8 million subscribers on their Youtube channel. They produce pranks or challenges every week.

In a previous article, one of them wore Ronald McDonald’s costume and ate inside the Jollibee store.

Their hilarious video went viral on social media. Netizens obviously enjoyed watching their videos.

Tukomi Brothers 1
Photo Source: buzzooks

However, lots of netizens were dismayed on the brothers after a security guard was allegedly fired after their prank in Davao City. The security guard was working at The Peak in Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Based on a report from Buzzooks, one of the Tukomi brothers took a dip at the mall’s fountain.

The title of the video is “Swimming Lessons at The Peak.” It can be seen on the video that the people around the fountain was unsure of how to react.


Lots of netizens were amused by the practical joke except for the security guard that’s posted in the fountain.

According to the report, a person named Jacky Lou Lago Alipo-on said he was the guard who was on duty at that time the prankster was swimming. He wasn’t able to stop the prankster and unfortunately fired from his job.

Tukomi Brothers 2
Photo Source: buzzooks

Netizens expressed their reaction on the brothers prank in Davao. Here are some of their comments on the video:

@Cantos Jr Ronald: “Hahaha may permit sila sa mall na pwede silang gumawa ng mga prank it means walanh natanggal na guard jan”

@Castillano Matt: “Malamang sa malamang nawalan na ng trabaho ang guard na nakaduty Jan ..! Kawawa ang pamilya niya dahil sa pasikat na ginawa mo”

@Franky Bracy: “Kulang sa pansin ang taong yan, kawawa naman”

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