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TVXQ is set to perform for Pinoy fans in Manila concert in July

K-Pop Duo TVXQ, comprised of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, will hold a concert in Manila in July.

They are best known for their songs “Mirotic”, “Hug”, “Catch Me”, and many more.

tvxq concert in manila
Photo source: The Michigan Journal

Their name is an acronym which stands for Tong Vfang Xien Qi. The duo is known as Tohoshinki in Japan and sometimes referred to as DBSK, the abbreviation of their Korean name Dong Bang Shin Ki.

S.M. Entertainment formed the group back in 2003 which originally had 5 members. In 2009, the group took a break and the three members, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, decided to split away from the management of S.M. Entertainment.

Then, a year after that, TVXQ returned as a duo.

U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin continue to entertain their fans and they are set to meet their Pinoy fans this coming July.

They will have their first concert in Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay on July 13, based on the report from Manila Bulletin.

Here are 12 fun facts about TVXQ, according to Pop Asia.

1. New K-pop fans might not know that TVXQ! once had five members including JaejoongJunsuand Yoochun (who are now a group called JYJ). The three left the group due to differences with SM Entertainment, so Yunho and Changmin have carried on as a duo for TVXQ!.

2. 2018 will mark the groups 15th year together, which is astounding when compared to the average K-pop group lifespan (these days groups are lucky to last 7 years).

3. Yunho is recognised as one of the first male dance kings of K-pop. Whenever he’s a guest on a show they’ll usually ask him to show them his moves even until this day.

4. Changmin was once caught up in a scandal with SHINee’s Minho in Japan. The report claimed that Changmin was on a date with a girl but it was actually Minho who had long hair at the time. (I can’t imagine how many times this would have happened with Super Junior’s Heechul haha)

5. During a SM Town concert, Yunho ripped his pants while dancing, revealing his underwear. Even with the wardrobe malfunction, Yunho carried on and finished the performance like a professional.

6. Changmin’s ideal type is a girl that would be willing to go jogging with him at 4am. (If you’re prepared to give up your beauty sleep Changmin can be yours!)

7. In order for Yunho to match Changmin’s height, he wears insoles. (Considering Changmin stands at 1.85m, there’s nothing wrong with a little boost!)

8. Changmin volunteered with his father to help clean up one of Korea’s worst oil spills in history. It was only found out when another volunteer noticed him and posted it to a fan site.

9. Yunho once had to be rushed to hospital due to drinking a beverage which included super glue given to him by an anti-fan. Once the female culprit was found, Yunho requested to not press charges even though the consequences would have been severe.

10. Changmin had one of the most popular voice cracks in K-pop history. During the live encore stage of “Mirotic” at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards, Changmin attempted to close out the song with his popular high note but his vocal chords weren’t up for the task and ended up cracking. (It’s even been parodied by K-pop groups such as BtoB)

11. When Yunho appeared on Running Man, he was given the easy task of drawing a rhinoceros although to the surprise of the cast he drew something more like a Pokémon. ( I guess drawing isn’t his strong point)

12. Yunho and Changmin are both huge anime fans. They enjoy watching One Piece, Gundam and the two even spent $100 on Gundam toys while appearing on a Japanese show (you’re never too old for anime!).

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