Scholarship & Financial Aid Given to Honest Kid Who Returned Lost Cash To Owner

The honest kid who returned the lost cash to its owner received a scholarship, free uniform, school supplies, allowance, and financial aid for his good deed.

Earlier, an honest kid kindly returned the amount of cash he found in a fast-food chain without any hesitation.

The cash owner also gives reward money to the young boy for showing an act of honesty proving that faith in humanity was restored.

Honest Kid

Recently, a certain report stated that the honest kid receives scholarship and financial aid from good hearted people and its identity has been also revealed.

The 13-year-old boy identified as Andre Macabuhay serves as parking lot boy in McDo wherein he found and returned the lost cash.

Honest Kid

Macabuhay received a scholarship from elementary to college worth P400,000, free uniform, school supplies, and allowance.

Honest Kid

The young kid and his mother also received financial aid from good-hearted people so they could start a small business.

Honest Kid

The blessings received by Andre prove that every good deed we do would never go in vain.

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  • laarni par May 5, 2019, 10:45 am

    this only shows how his parents raised him instilling the values of honesty despite all odds and poverty..kudos to the boy and their benefactors.

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